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About Us

Dubai based investment company “NDJ Investment” provides a transparent and comprehensive property management service that responds to our customer’s needs. Our goal is to maximise the profitability of your real estate investment and relieve you of any stress related to the daily management of your properties. Our target is to be a part of revolutionary projects that reflect our unwavering belief of the possibility of a successful blend between modern architecture, culture and heritage, also, to strongly contribute to the development and management of a lot of diversified, profitable real estate projects across to the countries.

Our mission is to add value and expand “NDJ İnvestment” portfolio through sound corporate citizenship, financial engineering, network of relationships, and financial resources.

Our vision is to provide impeccable quality by delivering superior management performance and top of the line services to our investors. An integral part of this vision is delivering superior returns to our shareholders, consistent with our pre-defined risk profile and comparable to other best-in-class corporations. We strive to increase the value of our business while maintaining high ethical values and a commitment to the development of society through integrity and fair business practices.

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Why Choose Us

We draw on years of experience in real estate to help our clients achieve their commercial goals. It is our commitment to provide you with exceptional service from a team of highly skilled and excellence in home marketing.

Considering our years of presence and experience in the real estate sector, we are confident about what we do. We guarantee a service of quality and our property advisors receiving the highest-quality training to portray our brand.

We will support you with a wide range of our services such as carrying out commercial and residential selling, renting services, providing extensive property management services, arranging and short-ranged leaseholds.

NDJ İnvestment


Real estate management

"NDJ Investment" provides successful management of your real estate skillful stewardship of the physical space, tenant relationships, your reputation in the marketplace and the attention of best-in-class advisors.

Facility management

We provide professional facility management and property maintenance services, our dedicated team of experts is always fully prepared for any necessary repairs and maintenance of each real estate property we manage.

Investment management

We aim at investing in successful real estate projects across UAE that yield considerable return on investment for our investors and dedicate to helping our clients achieve their goals in investment management solutions.


We can help you turn critical and complex real estate issues into opportunities for growth. From business owners to corporate groups, we offer you the experience, and the strategic planning that helps lead to better decisions.

Finance service

Our finance practice is focused on the financing, purchase and development of real estate assets of all types. We have a particularly strong track record advising on operating asset deals, ground rent portfolios and the private rental sector.